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What is


P-Investiga is a web platform that allows anyone to create research projects and surveys. All in just five easy steps!

Projects include everything: from the database to the statistical analysis.

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What versions are there

Within the platform you can contract four types of projects, Investiga Basic, Investiga Pro, Investiga Premium and Investiga Surveys.

Find out which one is best for you before you start creating your project.

Oriented to the researcher

During the creation process you will decide what or what are the functions that you need in your project, obtaining a personalized result and oriented to your needs.



Our team has extensive experience in the field of programming, structuring and coding of data, medical research and project management.

This makes our platform designed by and for researchers.

Our Team


Galaxia Empírica CEO and Bussines Intelligence responsable.

Graduated in the School of Industrial Technical Engineers of the University of Vigo. Diploma of "Networks and Safety" of SENA (2012), Diploma of "Agility and Lean, Managing the projects and businesses of the XXI Century" by the University of Toronto (2012), Diploma in "Learn to Program: The Fundamentals" by The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2013), Certificate of "WEB Application Development (DAW) (2013).

He has experience in developing desktop applications (in various languages: Sql, Python, .Net, Java, C ++) and in web applications (Sql, Html5, php, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax).




Medical consultant and research methodology of Empirical Galaxy.

Graduated in Medicine by the USC since 1996, Diploma of Advanced Studies by USC 2001, Specialist in Cardiology since 2002, Diploma in Methodology of Research in Health Sciences by UAB 2007.

He has experience in designing research projects in the field of medicine and specifically in the structure and codification of information and in the design, maintenance and analysis of databases. Three projects were financed by the competitive call of the Carlos III Health Research Fund (FIS): FIS PI081280, FIS PI09 / 91064 and FIS PI11 / 00640

Some examples of results of these projects are:

  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment and 2-year mortality in elderly patients hospitalized for heart failure
    Circulation Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 2014; 7: 251-258
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment and hospital mortality among older adults with decompensated heart failure
    American Heart Journal 2012; 164: 756-762
  • Rationale and Methods of the Multicenter Randomised Trial of a Heart Failure Management Programme among Geriatric Patients (HF-Geriatrics)
    BMC Public Health 2011, 11:627
  • Quality of life, characteristics and metabolic control in diabetic geriatric patients
    Maturitas 69 (2011) 343– 347




Senior researcher in medical imaging and ICT consultant.

Degree in Physics and PhD in Physics (Electronics and Computing) from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Conducting his thesis in the Institute for Systems Informatics and Safety of the Joint Research Center (Ispra, Varese) in 1998.
He has gained experience in ICT & Medical Imaging, working in the private sector (Intelsis Sistemas Inteligentes SA) as well as in different public bodies, such as the Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA) or the Biomedical Institute of Vigo (IBIV). ICT projects in health, and related disciplines such as high performance computing (HPC), Scientific Visualization, PACS, or telemedicine.

Participating in research projects with the industry, such as: MDCAD, CloudPYME, RENDER, Interactive European Grid, eX, DOMEDICO And PARAGEMA

The Company

Galaxia Empirica, S.L is a company founded on 02/19/2014 in Vigo, Pontevedra. It is registered in the commercial register of Pontevedra, Tomo 3937, Folio 170, Sheet PO-56235 and its CIF is B-94096880.


The Team






P-Investiga Basic
P-Investiga Pro
P-Investiga Encuestas

Investiga Basic

The Investiga platform is ideal for creating and maintaining your research projects in a simple and economical way. Generating on your own your project will be free and you will only have to pay the monthly maintenance of 30 ‎£ + VAT(Calculate your budget). It has a series of features that will help you to correctly structure your database and manage the data in the most simple and intuitive way possible.

Each research project is different, so here you will decide all aspects of it. You will get a design tailored to you and with the tools you need to get the best results.

Personaliced design

The whole design of the project will depend on you and the decisions you make during its preparation.

Adaptative design

All projects generated have responsive design, which perfectly fit any device used.

Modular design

You can modify or increase the structure of your project at any time, taking advantage of data already entered for different studies.

Personal administration

Modify any aspect of your project (dictionaries, variables, users, permissions, ...) whenever you want.

Dictionary design

You will be the one who defines the dictionaries and their values.

Tables design

You will manage the structure of your variables and their grouping in tables.


You can choose between different types of forms to enter or query the data of your tables. You can also group the variables to display them in an orderly way.

Users control

You choose which users have access to your project and what permissions they have. You will also have a session log to know who accesses the project.

News board

All projects can have a private news bulletin, in which researchers can annotate or communicate with each other.

Internal messaging

All projects may have an internal messaging system to communicate among researchers privately.


You can choose which reports (Logs per user, Logs per month, ...) can see each investigator and how often they will be sent to the e-mail.

Export and analysis

At any time you can export your data in the optimal format for statistical analysis.